Please place orders before 21:00 to ensure the widest range of fresh produce and the best prices.
Orders after 21:00 may miss overnight transport links.
The minimum order value is £10.  The order line voicemail number is 01271 470004.




All goods are sold on the express condition that customers examine for quality.

No credits will be entertained after a 48 hour period from delivery,

or if items are not properly stored or chilled.

Any goods for credit must be retained and returned for inspection.




i) Credit will not be granted until an application form is fully completed
and references followed and reviewed.

Until credit is granted, or if not, cash on delivery is required.

ii) Credit terms are as agreed with the customer at time of account activation.  Credit terms may be reviewed at a later date at customer’s request.

iii) Failure to comply with the terms and conditions will cause the withdrawal of credit facilities.

Customers who are outside of original credit agreement or have overdue accounts risk having their account put on hold.

Accounts that have been put on hold for any reason cannot continue until outstanding amount is paid and the account is back within pre-agreed credit terms.

Credit facilities are withdrawn on accounts that have been closed for any reason and all monies owed become payable immediately.  Any monies still owed after 7 day will attract interest and court proceedings.  Non payment will affect your credit rating and this may affect your ability to obtain credit from anywhere in the future.


iv) Veg Express reserves the right to charge interest on overdue sums at 5% per calendar month calculated on a daily basis, on all monies outstanding after 30 days from the agreed payment date.

Veg Express reserves the right to recover all costs incurred in connection with the pursuance and/or recovery of outstanding monies.


v) Veg Express reserves the right to amend credit facility terms, conditions or to withdraw credit facilities at any time, upon contact with the account holder or representative.